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Bealtaine Announcement

Bealtaine Announcement

Beginning on the Spring Equinox of 2020, we have posted one previously-unpublished piece on the Tarot on a weekly basis, providing some insight into the richness of the Tarological literature.

Today marks the festival of Bealtaine, halfway between the equinox and the solstice, a festival of light and of growth, and we have accordingly opened a sponsorship page on the Ko-fi platform.

As of the Summer Solstice of 2021, the rate of publication will be reduced to a fortnightly basis. Furthermore, we plan to offer more extensive and exclusive materials to subscribers and supporters, as well as the possibility of sponsoring a translation, via our Ko-Fi page.

Please consider making a donation or sponsoring a translation if you have enjoyed these writings. This will enable us to continue providing high quality translations of interesting and influential materials.

Thank you to all our readers, supporters and correspondents.

The Editor

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In Memoriam: Tchalaï Unger

Tchalaï Unger



Today marks the 16th anniversary of Tchalaï’s passing, and we invite readers to consult the revised biography and bibliography of this remarkable woman, tarologist extraordinaire, here, as well as the following excerpts from her works:

* * *

In the meantime, I had worked a lot with the Tarot of Marseilles, not as a divinatory tool, but as a model of the universe; I even wrote the booklet that has accompanied this deck since 1981, and have become acutely aware of the power of images; the “card” possesses an energetic charge which, in a way, directly reaches the deepest layers of the psyche of the observer, without passing through the purview of the intellect. Unfortunately, this perception finds itself, in most people (especially the more evolved), deformed by the filter of a symbolic system. As we encounter as many symbolic systems as there are spiritual movements, and as they are almost always altered or modified, we quickly go astray… We forget that the Tarot is a Model of the Universe, in the same way as all the other great spiritual paths of knowledge, or mathematical systems, such as quantum mechanics, for instance.

– Tchalaï Unger, Le Véritable Tarot Tzigane : Le tarot tzigane et son âme, éditions Trajéctoire, 2001, p. 15.

* * *

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